A gnome is bound, to bring joy. --16th C. Czech Proverb

Gnome - (et. gnomus (N.L) - gnosis (Gr) "knowledge"
Send forth your visitors, so that we may know them.

Who hasn't fallen in love with gnomes?

We've delighted in their happy company for centuries. They're constant companions of ours that help us toil away in the kitchen and the garden. We've seen them hiding in the gardenias, or keeping watch from the curios for generations. These light hearted souls have brought countless smiles to happy homes everywhere.

These cheery little sprits were first discovered by the famed Swiss scientist Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, and in the early 1900's were discovered to be key in nurturing plant growth by the founder of Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner.

Gnomes have a long history in Europe where they've been featured in stories and legends, including several small villages in northern Germany that celebrate the gnome in week long festivals of sausages and pasteries. Some villagers even dress up as the ages old woodland denizens. They hide in shadows and storm drains handing out toys and balloons to good children and playing tricks on the bad ones.

Good Gnome, Naughty Gnome

But lest we forget, these happy creatures have a dark side too. One that can be very naughty. They perform tricks and mischief. They soil the roses. They frighten the cat. And they leer amid filthy thoughts and actions at us in our most private of moments. And when the gnome is naughty, it must be punished.

The first recorded instance of punishing the naughty gnome, was in the Hamlet of Immingham England, where in the garden of Laceby Manor, curators found "Gimpy". Household records show that "Gimpy" was often responsible for all sorts of shameful things and seemed to relish the thought of being chased down. Although a most uncooth rascal, "Gimpy" became beloved and the Lady Laceby requested the German Company of Hut und Hosen to create a statue of him. That statue was put in a place of honor by the Lady, until her untimely death, when the family moved it to a more quiet spot.

This site is dedicated to those who have naughty gnomes. A place where we may speak freely of the sort of punishments that they deserve.

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